BE/Bi 103 b: Statistical Inference in the Biological Sciences

In the prequel to this course, we developed tools to build data analysis pipelines, including the organization, preservation, sharing, and display quantitative data. We also learned basic techniques in statistical inference using resampling methods taking a frequentist approach.

In this class, we go deeper into statistical modeling and inference, mostly taking a Bayesian approach. We discuss generative modeling, parameter estimation, model comparison, hierarchical modeling, Markov chain Monte Carlo, graphical display of inference results, and principled workflows. All of these topics are explored through analysis of real biological data sets.

If you are enrolled in the course, please read the Course policies below. We will not go over them in detail in class, and it is your responsibility to understand them.


  • Instructor

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    • Kayla Jackson

    • Zach Martinez

    • Kellan Moorse

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